Wednesday, 22 December 2010

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January 2011 Offer -Grade CREAM

January 2011 Offer
Immediately Available
Creme Clothing & Creme Shoes.
Minimum order 250kg - 
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January 2011 Offer, UK clothes - Fantastic price

January 2011 Offers

20ft Container UK clothes
20ft Container of Original UK door to door collections, used clothing. Exclusively high street brands. Fantastic price 

of £1.05 per kilo 
available for export in January. 
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Cream (Extra Quality) goods

Adult Mix Cream Pounds 5.70 per kilo 
(Summer plus winter)  
(extra Quality)

Childrens Mix Cream Pounds 6.20 per kilo 
(Summer plus Winter) 
(extra Quality)
Special Offer
UK Original Unsorted - Contract Available
Clothing sourced from UK
exclusively UK Brands & Labels 
from our warehouse. 20ft container of original door-to-door UK brands 
at £0.99
Monthly Contract Available.

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Special Offer
Winter Shoes & Boots - Available now
Mixed shoes and boots 
of Grade A and B - £1.25 per kilo. 
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Special Offer
40ft Container Available NOW
Pakistan Quality Shoes. 18,000kgs, 
£0.38 per kilo.
Ready for dispatch today 
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