Monday, 28 November 2011

Unsorted Original

Original door-to-door used clothing

Collected by one of the best factory The following description is supplied by the supplier:

 "We supply original door-to-door used clothing. Collected by ourselves n conjunction with national and local charities (NBCS, Action for Children, WCRF and Christies) from most major cities around the UK.
The price of these goods is £1.36 per kg. This is genuine unsorted doorstep goods that have been collected throughout the UK in carefully selected areas to ensure that we only collect the best quality possible.

b) We have original clothing from local authority door-to-door collections (collections from city councils.) These goods are £0.95 per kg. This is original door-to-door collected by us for selected city authorities where we have been instructed to collect directly from every household in the city without the ability to select individual areas and as such the quality may be slightly lower and this is why we are able to sell at this lower price.

c) We have container goods collected from Textile Banks placed on prominent sites around England and Wales. These goods are original with nothing removed. The price for these goods is £0.89 per kg.

d) To maintain the quality of our products we select 10% of all the goods collected and sort them to check that nothing has been removed. We can also provide you with these goods. They have had all the rubbish, shoes and premier clothing removed, but will include 1st and 2nd grade clothing and household textiles. The price is £0.75 per kg"

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