Friday, 10 February 2017

Unsorted textile container

We are taking orders for the Unsorted textile container. 
The price is = £0.70 per/kg

Packed in approx. 170kg bags – original unsorted clothing/textiles collected from our textile containers in North of England. A full truck would be up to 20,000kg . 

On average we would expect you to get up to 3-5% crème, 
45-50% suitable for Africa (summer clothing), 
25-30% suitable for Pakistan/India (heavy/winter clothing), 
10% shoes, 
8-10% suitable for wiping cloths or recycling and 8-10% waste. Our suppliers collect from the same banks each week so the quality will be consistent.

Prices do not include delivery – you would need to arrange the transport.

Prices do not include VAT (20% tax) – if to be exported to a EU country, to avoid us having to add VAT, we would need your valid VAT number and the goods would need to be immediately exported from the UK after collection. We would need a copy of a CMR (or similar document) from the transport company. If to be exported outside of the EU, no VAT is added.

We require 100% payment before any loading can begin.

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