Used Clothing

Unsorted original door-to-door collection
The price of these goods just £0.99 per kg!!!

 This is genuine unsorted doorstep goods that have been collected throughout North and West England

The prices are as follows:
Original door to door used clothing at 1.30 pounds per kg
Original from local authority door to door collections (collections from City councils) these goods are 0.99 pounds per kg.
Original is packed in 175-185 kg big bags.
Crème goods at 6.50 pounds per kg. The crème is excellent, all modern with very little wear, which is why we have such a long wait for goods. Again with the classic, good quality products but not as modern in style as the crème. 
Classic goods at £3.60 pounds per kg. These are the same as Creme goods but not as modern.
We have classic available now and this is sold as separate men’s, women’s and children’s goods.
The crème is packed in 25kg sacks and the classic in 10kg or 15kg sacks.
Original door to door waiting list is about 2-3 days.
The crème waiting list is approx 3 to 4 weeks.